Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 Recap!

 Once a year we share a yearly recap on the family and this year has come with many new members being born. 

January: The family celebrated Gil, Lexi, and Michaella's birthdays. They also welcomed Layla into the world. Kelton and Josie announced that they were starting their own businesses.

February: The family celebrated Trace, Jeb, Jackson, Addallee and Bobby's birthdays this month.

March: The family celebrated Everly and Zoey's birthdays and welcomed Kolter into the world. Katie and Travis shared that they were in an official courtship and had celebrated his birthday.

April: The family celebrated Ellie, Chad, Allie and Carlin's birthday. 

May: The family celebrated Carson, Erin and Warden's birthday this month. They also celebrated two anniversaries. The family also celebrated Mother's day.

June: The family celebrated Khloe's birthday. Travis and Katie celebrated one year of their relationship. The family also celebrated Father's day.

July: The family celebrated Kelton, Willow, and Lawson's birthdays. They also celebrated Fourth of July.

August: The family celebrated Nathan, Evan, Callie, Brooklyn and Josie's birthdays. They also had one anniversary this month.  John and Alyssa announced that they are expecting their fourth child due in February 2021.

September: The family celebrated Brandon, Judson, and Whitney's birthdays. Josie announced some sad news when she revealed that she miscarried Baby #2. The baby was due in March 2021. John and Alyssa announced that they are having a baby girl and will be naming her Maci Jo. 

October: The family celebrated Bradley, Kelly, Katie and Isaiah's birthdays. They also had one anniversary this month.

November: The family had one anniversary. They celebrated Khloe, Alyssa, Kade, John, and Holland's birthday. The family celebrated Thanksgiving. Zach and Whitney announced that they are expecting their fourth child in June 2021.

December: The family celebrated three anniversaries. They also celebrated Christmas. They also celebrated Zach and Tori's birthdays.

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