Monday, September 28, 2020

Recap: Giving Thanks

Aired September 3, 2020
At the house, Gil and Kelly are getting the house clean up outside with some of the kids still living at home. Things are starting to open up and the family is ready to have the whole family together again but know it's going to be a while before that can happen again.
Kelly says that she wants it to be safe. She knows that they need to be responsible so they don't pass it around.
Zach says that his mother tries to be a rule follower and wants to follow every rule and do it right. Zach says that they should all just stay home and eat all the time since that it's the only thing that they can do.
Evan and Carlin go for a walk to talk about Layla's health issues. Layla has been diagnosed with a small hole in her heart. She has had a few episodes where she has struggled to breate. Nothing matures you more than being parents.
Over at the Paine family home, the kids are enjoying time in the yard. Carlin and Erin want to do something special for Zach and Whitney for keeping up with the boutique. There has been a spike in sales with everyone staying at home.
Erin drops the basket off at the couples house and drives away. She texts Whitney to tell her about the basket that is full of snacks and other items. The card reveals that Erin and Carlin will provide free babysitting so the couple can get away.
Nathan, Lawson and Trace go horseback riding at the ranch. Before the lockdown, Nathan had been flying down to the Philippines every 45 days to do mission work. He also has been in Arkanas for training pilots. He is currently in Tennessee to visit the family.
The boys notice the ring on his finger and Nathan reveals that it's a promise ring. He reveals that there is someone in his life but is not ready to talk about it yet.
Nathan says that it's time for Nathan to leave the bachelor group and move on to bigger and better things.
Judson says that none of them are going to get married and he will be the first one. He jokes that he is still single.

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