Friday, March 27, 2020

Recap: Happy News and Health Concerns

It's to check up on baby Stewart so Evan and Carlin are heading to the doctors. Carlin reveals that she is still shocked that she's pregnant. Lawson says that the couple are ready to be parents. Dr. Vick meets with them and reveals that Carlin has the same blood clotting disorder like her older sister. She will need to take blood thinners to prevent the baby getting a blood clot. As many of you know that Erin suffered three miscarriage before learning about the disorder. Evan admits that he is nervous but know that her side is worst than his. He will be giving his wife a shot twice a day along with Carlin taking pills. Kelly reveals that no one wants to hear that there is a health risk but knows that it's life saving for the baby and Carlin.
The girls head over to show off the warehouse now that Chad is almost finished with it. The warehouse is housed in Zach and Whitney's backyard and recently a carport.
Kelton and Bobby are working together at The Plumbing Authority. Bobby is a apprentice and has been working in the office. He reveals that he loves learning about this stuff from Kelton.
Gil and Kelly head to Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic to talk about Gil's shoulder pain. Gil's shoulder snapped at 80 pushups because he challenges the kids to do as many of pushups and he will do double but with one arm. The surgeon reveals that he could settle for rehab but he will never have strength to lift out in front of his body which causes an issue with the family business. The recovery time for the surgey will be four and half months and Gil and Kelly get on board with the surgery.
Kelly says that her husband is tough as nails but no guy likes to go through pain. Gil reveals that he is a big crybaby.
Tori and Josie take their babies for a walk and Tori reveals that she is pregnant to her sister since she can't keep a secret.
Josie was so happy to know that her sister is expecting however she knows that she has to keep it a secret expect for the fact that no one is good at keeping a secret.

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  1. My least favorite scene was when Tori and Josie were walking and talking. Tori was like, I miss the newborn stage. Her son is not that old for crying out loud. Can't these people keep their hands off of each other? Geez. It is not safe to have kids that close together.


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