Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bobby and Tori update

Many of you have asked for an update on Bobby and Tori's relationship. As many of you follow Bobby on Instagram, he has been posting photos of him and Tori.

We asked the network for an update on the couple's relationship and there is no word of an official courtship announcement but they are still together.

We will keep you update.


  1. So that means they are just dating? I didn't think they believed in dating?

    1. Hi Terry,
      The Bates believe in courtships like the Duggars. Both Bobby and Tori have been in the relationship as an "unofficial courting" couple since October 2015.

    2. Being in a relationship for a year and not calling it courting, is dating. Sorry but it is, they have not committed to courting, so in the world that is dating.

    3. @Terry,
      They don't call it dating. They believe in courtships not dating. :)


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