Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Erin and Chad

Kelly wrote on her family's blog about Erin and Chad's courtship! 

More than Friends!

by KELLY on JANUARY 7, 2013

As we have gotten to know the Pai2012110495232708(0)ne family over the last two years, their friendship hasIMG_9264meant quite a  bit more to one particular member of our family!
   We’ve watched Chad and Erin’s affections begin to blossom for each other as they have sought God’s will for their lives. We couldn’t be more excited about their recent choice to begin a more serious relationship. (Courtship update to follow!)
Chad sought to earn Erin’s favor and to earn our respect… and that he has done!! ThroIMG_8360ugh his love for the Lord, his humility, his thoughtfulness, his diligence, his perseverance, his love for his family, and his wise goals, he has shown himself a man of great character.
   We look forward to watching God work in their lives and through their relationship.   
Erin...and Me (14)
Erin...and Me (12)IMG_4942
Erin...and Me (18)
Erin...and Me (20)IMG_4629
Erin...and Me (56)
Erin...and Me

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