Chad and Erin

Welcome to the Paine family Tab!

Chad and Erin met on Valentine's day 2011. Chad and Erin started their courtship on December 4, 2012 and got engaged on August 5, 2013. They started to plan their wedding on November 2, 2013 which it aired on 19 kids and counting.

Chad and Erin learned that they were expecting three babies but they joined heaven. Chad and Erin were happy to announced that they were expecting their first child in January 2015. They revealed that they would have a little boy and were going to name him Carson. He was born on May 14, 2015.

Chad and Erin would later learned that they were expecting their second child due in the summer. They announced that they were going to have a baby girl and name her Brooklyn Paine. She was born on August 6, 2016.


    1. So sorry to hear they lost 3 babies, how heartbreaking for them. All our hearts go out to them and to the new baby they are expecting in the spring xo

      1. So excited to hear the news that Erin and Chad are expecting a baby. Praying that you will have peace during this pregnancy knowing that all is in the hands of our loving Lord. Enjoy every single day of the wonder, joy and amazement of carrying a new life inside your body knowing that all the praise, honor and glory go to our Lord for his magnificient blessings. Alice Lewis, Muskogee, Ok.

    2. Hi Chad,
      Wishing you a birthday filled with love,joy and peace.

      Joan,Marion and Marilyn

    3. Replies
      1. Erin had 3 separate miscarriages due to a blood clotting disorder.

    4. God bless you and little Carson. Loved seeing Dr. Vick. Elisha, Brenda...they're all so sweet. Dr. Vick has been my doctor for 30 years. He's a wonderful Christian man. Carson is a doll baby!

    5. You might have to change about baby Brooklyn she was Bron on August 6 , 2016


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