Bates birthdays!

  • William Gilvin "Gil" Bates January 1, 1965
    • Married: Kelly Jo (Callaham) Bates October 26, 1965
      • Zachary "Zach" Gilvin Bates December 30, 1988
        • Married: Whitney Eileen (Perkins) Bates: September 21, 1993
          • Bradley Gilvin Bates: October 29, 2014
          • Kaci Lynn Bates: June 20, 2016
      • Michael "Michaella" Christan (Bates) Keilen January 23, 1990
        • Married: Brandon Timothy Keilen: September 15, 1989
      • Erin Elise (Bates) Paine May 2, 1991
        • Married:  Charles Steven "Chad" Paine III: April 18, 1987
          • Charles Steven "Carson" Paine IV: May 14, 2015
          • Brooklyn Elise Paine: August 6, 2016
          • Everly Hope Paine: March 30, 2018
      • William Lawson "Lawson" Bates July 27, 1992
      • Kenneth Nathaniel "Nathan" Bates August 29, 1993
      • Alyssa Joy (Bates) Webster November 9, 1994
        • Married: John Elliot Webster: November 21, 1989
          • Allie Jane Webster: April 11, 2015
          • Lexi Mae Webster: January 26, 2017
          • Zoey Joy Webster: March 28, 2018
      • Tori Layne (Bates) Smith December 20, 1995
        •  Married: Robert Ellis "Bobby"  Smith- February 16, 1995 
          • Baby #1: Due November 2018
      • Trace Whitfield Bates February 1, 1997
      • Carlin Brianne Bates April 11, 1998
        • Courting:  Evan Stewart- August 24, 1995
      • Josie Kellyn Bates August 4, 1999
        • Courting:  Kelton Balka- July 4, 1995
      • Katie Grace Bates October 5, 2000
      • Jackson Ezekiel Bates February 17, 2002
      • Warden Justice Bates May 19, 2003
      • Isaiah Courage Bates October 16, 2004
      • Addallee Hope Bates February 17, 2006
      • Ellie Bridget Bates April 28, 2007
      • Callie-Anna Rose Bates August 2, 2009
      • Judson Wyatt Bates September 15, 2010
      •  Jeb Colton Bates February 1, 2012

                     In Memory

Jewels Bates joined Jesus in heaven (Kelly)
Jubilee Bates joined Jesus in heaven (Kelly)
Zion Bates joined Jesus in heaven (Kelly)
Sunny Bates joined Jesus in heaven (Kelly)
Baby Paine joined Jesus in heaven (Erin)
Baby Paine joined Jesus in heaven (Erin)
Baby Paine joined Jesus in heaven (Erin)

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  1. Hey I just found your blog and I really like the format you have here for the bates birthdays I happen to know that the miscarriage section has a few small mistakes Gil and Kelly have had 4 miscarriages not 3 and they named all four babies after hymns which they wrote about in a post on their blog called Rain or Shine. I've had difficulty finding the exact post to post you the link but I did find a place that had pretty much copied that post which from what I remember is pretty much the word for word of that post which showed their four miscarriages are named Jewels, Jubilee, Zion and Sunny in that order. Even though it will make my comment long i'll post it here so you can read it.
    Rain or Shine
    Filed in Family News on September 07, 2012
    God often puts a song in our hearts during times of joy... and also during times of sorrow... during the storms of life, or during the sunny days!
    We recently rejoiced to discover we were expecting a new baby, but several weeks later, our joy turned to tears as a visit to the doctor showed that our little one had died around the 7th week.
    We have experienced 3 other misscarriages, and each time we chose a name that would remind us of a hymn that we could sing during our times of sadness. (Jewels was named after the hymn, "Precious Jewels." Jubilee was named after the Scripture song, "This is the Year of Jubilee." Zion was named after the hymn, "We're Marching to Zion.")
    We asked God to help us choose a fitting name for this little one, and at the same time to restore gladness to our hearts. We chose the name "Sunny" after the hymn "There is Sunshine in My Soul." The 4th verse says:
    "There is gladness in my soul today, and hope and praise and love,
    For blessings which He gives me now, for joys 'laid up' above."
    He has chosen to give us 4 little joys "laid up" in Heaven, that one day we will see and know! Through tears and sorrow, we still sing, "There is Sunshine in My Soul!"
    Some of our children sang "God wants to Hear You Sing," to remind us to turn to Him in both the good times and the bad.
    So there is that to hopefully prove to you that it is the truth and I know because I asked chad and Erin named 1 of their miscarriages Angel. I will post the link to chad's blog post about the miscarriage and if you scroll down I'm the 13'th comment from the top and Chad's reply is right under my comment. Here is the link to chad's blog post about their miscarriage I don't know which miscarriage it was just that Angel was the one they were expecting the same time Whitney was expecting Bradley and Angel was due the same time within just a couple weeks. So I don't know if Angel is miscarriage 1, 2 or 3. I know Jewels and Jubilee of Gil and Kelly's miscarriages were between Ellie and Callie. Zion was between Judson and Jeb and Sunny was after Jeb. I learned most of this from the bates family blog the address to their blog is so even though it's hard to find old posts if you ask Kelly a question she sometimes answers she's answered a few of mine and if you tell her your writers of a blog and want to provide the most factual information she'll probably answer once she sees your comment because she has even more than you. I hope this info helps you can take it or leave it research it more whatever you wish. I just thought I would give you the little info I knew so that you could make your birthday's page even more accurate.


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